Tosa East Class of '76 Do Not Contact Form

Since we understand there are classmates who aren't interested in attending any class reunion or getting any information about their fellow classmates, we have this form.

This helps us considerably because the toughest job we face is tracking down our classmates. And it helps you because once we know you're not interested, we will not attempt to contact you!

Be aware that publicly we only have two lists: Found and Missing. The Do Not Contact is strictly internal. Publicly, a Do Not Contact will appear on the Found list which is good because it signals classmates outside the reunion committee that you don't need to be found.

But remember this is not necessarily final. You can always change your mind. 

The Form

Fill out the form and hit submit. We will send you a confirmation email (why we require the email) letting you know we received your request. 

Enter your email address:

Enter your full name as it appeared in the yearbook:

What is your name now including your preferred first name?