30th Reunion

The 30th Reunion took place on August 12, 2006 (Saturday night) at the Hart Park Pavilion. That morning there was a tour of Tosa East.


Event Pictures



The pictures we have were supplied by Gene Hanson, Danita Cole, and Mary Kay Luedke. We know there are more pictures, so if you have any of this event that you'd wish to share, please contact us.


This is not an official list, but we show 69 participants. Let us know if we've missed any names!

Pat Downey
Annette Gehm
Jim Proft
Ann Wagner
Juliana Spring
Linda Hasselberger
Barb Schroeder
Mike Frayer
Mary Hillstrom
Scott Peterson
Dick Manhardt
Barb Weishaar
Chuck Perry
Bill Broadberry
Barb Aspinwall
Danita Cole
Katie Hofstede
Frank Powell
Dennis Noonan
Gene Hanson
Sue Garny
Sue Baumann
Kim Peterson
Mary Kay Luedke
Parry Cartier
Rosi Kijak
Mike Freyer
Kathy Reinke
Debbie Hetzel
Paula Reichardt
Carla Durand
Sue Nicholas
Terry Monfre
Paul Eisenhauer
Joan Marotte
Ann Carpenter
Matt Wagner
Bob Vaughn
Tom Smith
Rob Lennon
Steve Braun
Dawn Hohlfeld
Tom Witte
Mike Rose
Bob Rech
Kathy Crowley
Sue Gagan
Sue Grottveit
Kent Schlienger
Lisa Niewoehner
Mark Heard
Jean Crabtree
Gerry Abshire
Janice Zempel
Kelly Vetter
Anne Feirstein
Carol Knauer
Paul Seitz
Teri Adlam
Katy Merkt
Janice Gaulke
George Kariorus
Joe Zuba
Eileen Keyes
Jeff Ferguson
Louise Flick
Harry Profio
Sandy Lebesch
Beth Rise