Summerfest 2013

Our first ever unofficial reunion was on July 7, 2013 and was suggested by Holly Beyer and facilitated it by setting up an Unofficial 76 Tosa East Facebook page. Gene Hanson set up map of meeting locations which was posted there and on his personal website.

In attendance during the day were: Holly Beyer, Dick Smith, Heidi Tank, Rosi Kijak, Juliana Spring, Mary Fox, George Kariorus, Gene Hanson, and Debbie Hetzel.

Above are the venue locations and meeting times. We have followed this scheme for all the reunions at Summerfest.

Event Pictures

Summerfest grounds from rooftop
Gene & Debbie
Debbie Hetzel & Holly Beyer
Dick Smith
Donna Smith (Dick's wife) & Dick
Debbie, Dick, and Holly
Juan Garcia (Heidi's husband) & Heidi Tank
Juan & Heidi
Rosi Kijak
Debbie & Rosi dancing
At the US Cellular Stage

Rosi & Heidi

Debbie & Heidi
Dick Smith posing
More posing
"I have a little bit of space here for another tatoo!"
Tatto Contest
Juliana Spring, Holly, and Dick
Our "Welcome class of 76 Tosa East" appears.
Our message
Juliana, Dick, Rosi, Debbie, Holly, and Donna
Debbie & Mary Fox
Juliana, Mary, Rosi, & Dick
Donna, Debbie, Juliana, Mary, Dick, & Rosi
Holly, Amy (George's wife), George Kariorus, & Debbie
Amy & George
Rosi, Debbie, & Julianna
Rosi, Debbie, & Mary at the ULine Stage
Seeing Loverboy
Gene & Debbie