McKinley Grade School Pictures

Our collection of grade school pictures from McKinley may be complete. We received contributions from Gail Gosenheimer, Donna Danielson, Kevin Haack, Gene Hanson, Chuck Perry, and Sandy Lebesch.

6th Grade - Mrs. Bolstead
6th Grade - Miss Harmon
6th Grade - Mrs. Kozal
5th Grade - Mrs. Beals
5th Grade - Mr. Hanna
5th Grade - Miss Kleppe
4th Grade - Mrs.Strachota
4th Grade? - Miss Level? Help!!
4th Grade - Mrs.Guenther
4th Grade - Miss Klumb
3rd Grade - Teacher Unknown
3rd Grade - Miss Nehs / Mrs. Kellogg
3rd Grade - Mrs. Neusen
2nd Grade - Mrs. Hanauer
2nd Grade - Teacher Unknown
2nd Grade - Miss Hoevet
1st Grade - Miss Hoevet
1st Grade - Miss Hoevet (Name Key)
1st Grade - Miss Lindquist
1st Grade - Miss Schierhorn
Kindergarten - Teacher Unknown
Kindergarten - Teacher Unknown
Kindergarten - L.C. Heinen
Kindergarten - L.C. Heinen
Kindergarten - Mrs. Olson
Kindergarten - Mrs. Olson