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40th Reunion Tosa Fest

A prime reason for selecting the second weekend in September for our reunion was that it's when Tosa Fest is generally held occurring on Friday and Saturday. So the Friday night is the perfect opportunity to have a get together of people ahead of the reunion. It also allows attendance of classmates that either can't attend the Saturday event or simply feel they cannot afford it. But more than that, it's just a fun venue to get together.

66 classmates attended Tosa Fest.

Tosa Fest Pictures

Attendees at Tosa Fest

Mark Bishop
Mark Borkowski
Lee Braem
Parry Cartier
Danita Cole
Jean Crabtree
Kathy Crowley
Elizabeth Duchelle
Carla Durand
Anne Eichner
Paul Eisenhauer
Tim Finley
Louise Flick
Michael Frayer
Mary Galko
Judy Godar
Gail Gosenheimer
Bill Hanson
Gene Hanson
Linda Hasselberger
Debra Hetzel
Dawn Hohlfeld
Joyce Isenberg
Eileen Keyes
Rosi Kijak
John Kluth
Nanette Larson
Sandy Lebesch
John Lichty
Sally Loper
Mary Kay Luedke
Peter Lydon
Michael Lynch
Julie Maas
Lisa Mauer
Katy Merkt
Susan Nicholas
Patricia O'Connor
Chuck Perry
Kim Peterson
Frank Powell
John Powers
Jim Proft
Janet Reiners
John Rogge
Mike Rose
Mike Rose *
Scott Schilling
Brian Scott
Paul Seitz
Steve Shantz
Debbie Shearier
Dick Smith
Tom Smith
Mark Sommerfeld
Juliana Spring
Kelly Trettin
Gayle Urban
Robert Vaughn
Ann Wagner
Tim Wayer
Sue Weber
John Wilkinson
Tom Witte
John Zwicker

* Yes, we had two Mike Rose's! One graduated with us, but the other one did not.