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There are many goals to this website, but the primary one is to keep contact with our classmates. So at a minimum we need our classmate's name and email. And we'd also would appreciate knowing your current name if it is different from what it was during school, either legally or by preference.

Our communication with our classmates will be almost entirely via email (a few exceptions as we have classmates without email). We also have a Facebook page where we share much of the same information, but there everyone can contribute. But the official messages will all be sent via email and for that will be utilizing a Google Group forum, except the messages will go in only one direction. And we are also utilizing Mailchimp.

So why do we ask for other contact info? Unfortunately, emails can and do change. And though we get a notification of an undelivered email, we don't if someone gets a new email without closing their old one. But unlike mailing addresses where the USPS has a Change of Address system, there is nothing like that for email. So the other contact info will be strictly used in the event your provided email no longer works. Remember: we really don't want to contact you via the phone or by mail. We only do that if absolutely necessary. 

Our Privacy Policy

We cannot stress enough that we value the privacy of our classmates. None of this contact info is (or will be) stored on the website so it cannot be hacked. And we never give out the contact info, even to your fellow classmates. Should we get a request from any classmate (let's say Classmate A) for a fellow classmate's (Classmate B) contact info, we handle that as follows: 1) The request must come from Classmate A's email so we know it's a valid request (and that email has to be on the internal list.) 2) We contact Classmate B on behalf of A and give them Classmate A's email. 3) It is then up to Classmate B to contact A or ignore the request.

The Questions

The first two questions are mandatory. The third question should be filled out if your current name is now different from your class name. Once submitted you will get a verification message within a day or two. 

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