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46th Reunion Videos and Group Pictures

The 46th Reunion took place on September 10, 2022 (Saturday afternoon and evening) at Hoyt Park in Picnic Area 2. 41 classmates attended with 8 plus ones.

A group picture was taken to memorialize the classmates who attended.

46th Reunion Group Picture with Key

1. Janis Gaulke
2. Nancy Doberstein
3. Sue Kelsall
4. Jean Crabtree
5. Kathy Conole
6. Abby Forbes
7. Annette Gehm
8. John Lichty
9. Juliana Spring
10. Julie (Paul Eisenhauer's wife)
11. Paul Eisenhauer
12. Lee Braem
13. Paula Reichardt
14. Bill Hanson
15. Jon Levenhagen
16. Mike Lynch
17. Eileen Keyes
18. Gerry Abshire
19. Sandy Lebesch
20. Kevin Leahy
21. Kim Peterson
22. Frank Powell
23. Debbie Weir
24. Tod Shouse
25. April Bergemann
26. Tracey Flemming
27. John Rogge
28. Mary Lindl
29. Joan Marotte
30. Bob Rech
31. Paul Seitz
32. Pat Hunt
33. Julie Zanio
34. Tom Boyle
35. Debbie Hetzel
36. Gene Hanson
37. Gayle Urban

Not pictured: Jeff Hackett (left early), Harry Profio, Susan Volz, Sue Gagan, Parry Cartier (arrived late).

The video above was taken by Gene Hanson.


Reunion Group Pictures

Here a few other group pictures.


Taking the Reunion Group Picture


Because trying to get a group picture is often next to impossible to get everyone looking at the camera at the same time, we decided it might be better to take a video and do a screen capture to get the best result. As you can see it wasn't exactly herding cats, but close.