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Tosa East Class of '76 Update Form

By Gene Hanson

Please fill out this form so I can be sure I have your up to date contact info.

Though I wish to make contact with our classmates exclusively through email, unfortunately emails can change. And I get notification when I send out a message to our Google Group that an email is no longer working. But what's even worse, is if an email is simply abandoned, I get no notification! But unlike mailing addresses where the USPS has a Change of Address system, there is nothing like that for email. So the purpose of this form which I ask you to fill out probably every other year is to provide me alternative contact info should I find your email not working. 

My Privacy Policy

I cannot stress enough that I value the privacy of my classmates. None of this contact info is (or will be) stored on the website so it cannot be hacked. And I never give out the contact info, even to your fellow classmates. Should I get a request from any classmate (let's say Classmate A) for a fellow classmate's (Classmate B) contact info, I handle that as follows: 1) The request must come from Classmate A's email so I know it's a valid request (and that email has to be on the internal list.) 2) I contact Classmate B on behalf of A and give them Classmate A's email. 3) It is then up to Classmate B to contact A or ignore the request.


The Questions

The first two questions are mandatory. The third question should be filled out if your current name is now different from your class name. Once submitted you will get a verification message within a day or two. 

  I would like email sent to this address as well as my primary.
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What is your secondary phone number? (If you have one or can be your significant other)
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