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Our Fallen Classmates & Faculty

The saddest page on this website. And even sadder is we're sure there are names missing from this list. Let us know if you're aware of any other classmates who have passed away. The names in red have links so you can click on the name to see their obituary.


Elizabeth Alexander
Eric Adolphson
Dave Amacher
Barb Aspinwall
Susan Babb
Mark Blake
Kurt Busselberg
Doug Carlson
Terance Constable
Donald Eierman
Linda Finster
Gloria Garcia
Stacey Gray
Richard Hahn
Da Hartvid
Brad Heim
Marce Hoffmeister
Jim Jansen
Patrick Keeley
Marc Kilburg
Cindy Kraemer
Karen Laabs
Chris Lehmkuhl
Ken Leslie
Lori Loessin
Tim McElligott
Melinda Miller
Mary Mirenda
Paula Momsen
Kevin Morrissey
Jeff Pennow
Lynn Murel
David Peterson
Lynn Pokwinski
Mary Ann Polacek
James Rauterberg
Steven Rolfer
Mike Rose
Todd Schultz
Nancy Sell
Jon Spencer
Denise Stannard
Matt Vanderwall
Kelly Vetter
Joe Zuba

We want to apologize if we are mistaken on any of these names. We would be extremely happy to learn that a classmate is still with us! Just let us know.



Unfortunately, we know this listing of our fallen faculty is not complete. If you know of any additions please contact us. If a name is in red, we have a link to their obituary.

John Richmond
Grace Morgan
David Bilderback
James Hesslink
Robert Michaelsen
Roger Voltz
Edwin Olson
Malcolm Dodds
Norman Rone
Trudy Fehr
Jane Cannon
Thomas Rondeau
Dale Hittman
Gary Keeley
David Tillotson
Marilyn Naubaum
Nancy Check
Walter Pyskir