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Unofficial Reunion Info

This is where you will find information about any upcoming unofficial Tosa East '76 reunions or possible ones. Also, there will be galleries of pictures whenever we receive them. For information about upcoming unofficial reunions, click here.

At 2013 Summerfest.

Over the past several years we've organized unofficial reunions in Milwaukee during Summerfest. An entirely informal affair, we simply set up meeting times during the day at selected venues and whoever showed up was great.

See pictures from the 2013 Summerfest Reunion

See pictures from the 2015 Summerfest Reunion

See pictures from the 2016 Hoyt Park Reunion

The problem we faced with the earlier informal reunions was simply getting the word out because of lack of good contact info. Consequently, all of the participants were our classmates that are actively on Facebook. We hope we have changed that with our active Google Group email list of classmates. If you don't receive these messages you should contact us to give us your email address so you can be added.

So ... are you interested in attending any future unofficial reunions or simply wish to hear about them? Let us know your email address and that you'd like to be informed. But you can also check back on this page as well because this is where we will have the pertinent info.

Are you interested in hosting an unofficial reunion? The only rule you have to observe about an unofficial reunion is that everyone in the class is invited. That is why venues such as Summerfest and Tosa Fest are really good. Contact us with the information and we'll get it here on the website ASAP.

Upcoming Unofficial Reunions

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