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Yearbooks / Class Pictures

Have you lost or misplaced your yearbooks? We have them! Well, not yours, but we have ours and we're sharing them here.

This has been a big job and we've completed the books we have on hand! We have available our senior, junior, and sophomore years. We also have all the yearbooks from Longfellow Junior High and Hawthorne yearbooks. But we're still looking for parochial school pictures from 7th and 8th grade! Please contact us if you can either do the scanning or are willing to send them to us. 

Class of '77 Yearbook Highlights

The pertinent sections of the '77 yearbook that show activities that occurred during the Spring of 1976 and don't make it into that year's book.

Longfellow Junior High

Hawthorne Junior High

Grade School Pictures

Currently we only have a small collection of grade school pictures, but it is growing thanks to the contributions of your classmages. However, we are still completely missing Jefferson and St. Jude. If you have your class pictures, take a look at your school and see if you have ones we still need.

Wauwatosa Nursery School