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Facebook List

Many of our fellow classmates are on Facebook. Here is the list of those we've pretty much identified, but we don't have their email or other contact info. Though we've attempted to contact these people via messaging on Facebook, we understand that though someone has an ID, it doesn't mean they're active. And trying to contact someone who is not a Facebook "friend" doesn't work very well. So if you see a Facebook friends name, could you help out by messaging that person to find out if they're interested in the upcoming reunion. If they're interested, we want their email. If the say they're not interested, we want to know that, too, because they'll be taken off the contact list!

Note: this list is hardly complete. We are still going through the list of classmates we have and will be adding more names as we locate them. If you know of a name that should be added, let us know by contacting us.

To aid in finding, we've included the married names which are shown in parenthesis. 

And if your name is below and you're on Facebook, you can email us or send a message to Gene Hanson on Facebook.  

Last Update: 02/07/2020

Joseph Bartol
Dave Bennett
DeAnn Broich (Becker)
Anita Brown (Clark)
Steven Cimbalnik
Sally Cox (Fitzgerald)
Brian Debord
Mary Diehl (Landstrom)
Patricia Dunne (Nault)
Sandy Ellis (Davis)
Diana Erickson (Schroepfer)
Mark Haberman
Michael Hauf
Jenny Haynes (Rufflo)
Richard Kirchen
Cheryl Leamen (Gonzalez)
Stephanie Lester (Brandt)
Tami Morrison (Rogowski)
David Murphy
Brian Murray
Carol Piraino
Janice Pozayt
Tom Saulig
John Schmitz
Gordon Stillings
Mary Stillings (Conklin)
Scott Valdes
Roger Wittig
Maurice Woulfe